Name: Thomas Berger, MD, MSc

Title: Professor and Chair of Neurology

Centre: MedUni Vienna, Austria

Clinical and Research Interests:

  • Neuroimmunology in MS and NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica)
  • Identification of immunopathogenic subtypes and biomarkers


Prof. Thomas Berger started his education with an MD at the Medical University of Vienna, where he worked first at the Dept. of Neuroimmunology & Experimental Neuropathology and then at the Department of Neurology. At the University of Innsbruck, he obtained his specialist training in neurology and psychiatry and he expanded his experience with a postdoc fellowship and a Master’s degree in Hospital Management and Health Economics. Since 2018 he is the Chair of Neurology at the Medical University of Vienna.

His research focuses on inflammatory demyelinating CNS diseases, such as MS and NMO, with an interest in personalized tools in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of those neurological diseases. He coordinated as Principal Investigators more than 70 multicenter clinical trials in MS and NMO and promoted the establishment of the Austrian MS treatment register and the Austrian Neuromyelitis Optica database. In addition, he is the National MS coordinator of the Austrian Society of Neurology and member of international MS organizations. Currently he is President of the Austrian Society of Neurology as well as Chair of the Scientific Committee of the European Academy of Neurology.

Prof. Berger has a strong publication record with more than 280 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and has been awarded by prestigious congresses such as the ECTRIMS and the European Charcot Foundation.