Abstract submission

To allow for the categorization of each abstract by related theme, review and rating of submitted abstracts by the Steering Committee members, and timely preparation of your presentation/poster, we kindly ask you to submit your abstracts on this portal no later than 16th October 2020.

In order to standardize the abstract layout, we kindly ask you to please read the guidelines carefully and submit your abstract using the template provided below. 

All submitted abstracts will be collected and displayed in a summarizing abstract booklet for all attendees following the completion of the event.


Guidelines for preparation of abstracts:
  1. Each abstract should be submitted only once by the attending investigator/participant.
  2. Abstracts should be submitted via the online portal and in English.
  3. The selection of data is upon discretion of the author(s) and can be presented elsewhere but must be compliant with the embargo rules or confidentiality agreements. Abstracts in violation of these rules will not be presented at MS Biogen Research Week 2020.
  4. Please provide a short specific title indicating the nature of the investigation. The background, objectives, and methods/study design of the study should appear clearly to the reader, as well as emphasize the relevance of clinical question(s) being addressed, innovative aspects of the study, and the research methodology/scientific rigor to investigate these question(s). When results are available, they should be included and contain data. However, when results are not available (e.g.: if the project is in early stages), submitters may instead include the intended results/outcomes.
  5. The abstract text should not be longer than 2500 characters including spaces (ca. 300 words).
  6. All abbreviations must be defined the first time they appear in your text (do not define abbreviations in the title).
  7. After submission, all abstracts will be categorized, and the Steering Committee will review and rate them in their assigned category. The top-rated abstracts in each category will be selected for short oral presentations in the dedicated sessions. All other submitted abstracts will be offered the possibility to be presented as posters on the virtual platform.
  8. Please make sure to state your correct e-mail address. After having submitted your abstract, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your abstract has been correctly received.


Please Click here to download the Abstract Submission Form.


If you have any problems sending the abstract using this online portal, please send the abstract submission form to luca.marchetti@biogen.com.