Name: Dana Horaková, MD, PhD

Title: Associate Professor

Centre: 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague

Clinical and Research Interests:

  • MS Biomarkers
  • MS databases


Dana Horakova holds an MD from the Charles University of Prague, where she completed her Neurology training while working at the MS Centre. In 2010 she received a PhD degree and she is now associate professor at the Charles University, where she teaches pregraduate medical and PhD students.

In her research activity, Dana investigates MS biomarkers for disease activity and treatment response, with a particular focus in the implementation and validation of quantitative volumetric MRI techniques.

She is the head of the Immunological Committee of Czech Neurological Society and also an expert in the use of MS databases, serving as the chair of the Scientific Leadership Group in the MSBase during 2016 - 2020.